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Report - EC-2 Cooling Tower - Lodz - Poland - August 2013


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EC-2 Heat and Power Station is one of the most visible landmark in my home town. Located right by Polytechnic of Lodz, fairly close to the centre. It's the oldest Heat Power Station in the city, operational since 1958. Cooling towers are highest ones in the area.
I remember my mum telling me, that bad behaving kids end up inside one of the towers. I must say that it was terrifying for me at the time, I was even too scared to look at them. Tried my best to not end up being thrown into a naughty cooling tower :)
Anyway I find cooling towers fascinating, I'm not scared of them anymore hahahhaa it doesn't mean that I behave better than when I was a little girl :)
I checked the access while looking for some bunkers in the nearby park with my cousin Steampunkgirl. And it looked very promising :)
Then after few weeks I went to Lodz again, excited that I will finally climb it. In the meantime I read some news about the whole powerstation being decommissioned, so wasn't really expecting any security on site...
I had some problems with a taxi driver, who took me there in the middle of night, who seemed to be very concerned that he is leaving me there by totally empty road, in quite dangerous area. I was trying to convince him, that I just want to take some shots of empty roads, but it turned out even worse cause he offered to park somewhere there and wait for me until I finish :) I took me some time to get rid of him, and then after few minutes I found myself standing at the bottom of the cooling tower. Whole power station was lit up, and didn't look like disused at all. I quickly started climbing the ladder, passing some rusty small platform, which was basically hanging on 2 screws. While climbing up I realised that instead of the ladder being vertical it started to have a reverse incline. First I thought that it was just the illusion but no, it actually wasn't, and I must say I found this really hard to climb. And I felt really tired when I finally got to the top...
And again proud of myself started taking pictures of the inside of the tower, power plant, chimneys and surrounding area. After few minutes I saw a security guy who actually was standing right at the bottom of the tower by some building.. Ooops I was well suprised :). Hiding behind the rusty barrier I tried my best to see if he is actually looking up. Luckily he wasn't , he was just doing his route, and later I noticed that he does it every 25 minutes. So how lucky it was, cause I wasn't even bothered to check if there is anyone on site before climbing the ladder.
My pics aren't great cause after 10 minutes, it started raining. But I still hope you like them. I also didn't take any pics of the cooling tower itself, it was pouring when I got down... so found some online.

EC -2 Cooling Tower (EC-2 website)


Chimneys and second Cooling Tower


EC - 2 Heat and Power Station


Politechniki Street:


Chimneys again :)


Some rusty barriers


I wish I had fisheye :/





And the ladder :


pic borrowed (EC-2 website)


And me


And EC-2 again:


It rained so hard when I was climbing down the ladder that I could hardly see anything. But never mind I was well happy, went back to my aunt's place to find Steampunkgirl still not asleep, waiting for me, excited to hear the story about her cousin climbing the cooling tower.

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