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Report - Eco House, Leicester, Feb 2018


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The EcoHouse, Leicester's internationally renowned environmental showhome, demonstrates hundreds of environmental features and ideas, inspiring and encouraging visitors to make green changes to their own homes and gardens.

The former park warden's lodge is home to the environmental charity Groundworks Leicester & Leicestershire,[7] formerly known as Environ. This building is now called the "Eco House" after being converted as a show house, used to demonstrate ways of making homes more environmentally friendly. It is open to the public and holds one-off events as well as receiving visits from local schools.[8] The Eco House and the neighbouring recycling centre are parts of the larger Groundwork UK network.[9]

Groundwork UK closed down in 2012 and 2013.

(Taken from the Webz)


I had visited The Eco House when i was younger and since it closed down i had been keeping my eye on the place for a while. I didnt think it would be in suck good condition as it had been closed down for so long but as its hidden away, not many people know of its existence.

Explored with @UrbanCaving

Sorry about some of the quality of photos. Please forgive me!

Thank you for looking, and i hope you enjoyed.

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