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Report - Economic Drums warehouse, Pontardawe. May 2010.


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This was my very first venture into very unknown territory, and by myself too.

One of my best mates who lives in Pontardawe tipped me off about this place last April. Studied it lots the night before (aint street view great sometimes!) and got off my arse early one Saturday and went along for a gander.

The sun had barely limped above the horizon, it was pissing down so when I got inside it was terribly dark and gloomy. I had to wait an hour until the light became in any way useable for pics.

I started shooting and about half hour later while I was at the far end, some teenager popped up in the entrance. With a Tesco bag full of value cider and dog in hand, he didn't have a clue I was there. 'HELOOOO' I boomed....he froze and visibly shat himself. I beconned him in and he disappeared somewhere inside to his den of inadequecy. I didn't have the displeasure of seeing him again.

I carried on shooting around the place until I started to get really chilly, packed up and headed home feeling like I had scored a try for Wales.

The warehouse was situated on the area where there used to be many tin works. These have long since gone. Only one building remains of that era which is now a large sheltered complex run by some housing assoc. The area has been 'done up' and now includes a Tesco, a leisure centre, school and various large shops like Focus. The land near the leisure centre has held the Pontardawe festival for many years.

I went back there a few weeks ago with my daughter to take some more (she is well into photography too). When I last went there, it was open access with no security anywhere.... to my horror it is now just a pile of rubble!

I have searched for info about the building, the only thing I have found so far is that it was last owned/run by 'Economic Drums', I got that from the local library.


'Forever Autumn'


'Reap what you sow'


'After the chorus has ended'


'Darker with the day'


'The shipment'


'Those dog days'


'Bad day at the office'


'Of leagues and masters'


'Underneath the skin'


'Dance with yesterday'


'This body sleeps now'

That's all folks....