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Report - Edenwood Mill Stubbins April 2016


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Edenwood Mill Stubbins
Built in 1801 Edenwood mill has been empty and derelict since 2001.

In the early part of the last century the factory was extended using red brick which was developed as a dyeing facility for Turnbull and Stockdale Limited, to compliment their weaving, bleaching, printing and distribution activities.
Between 1968 and 2001 the Edenwood site was solely used as a specialist hand block printing factory.
In early 2007 the mill had plans passed which were to give a new lease of life to the empty mill and transform it into twenty five luxury apartments which would have seen the mill chimney and part of the red brick buildings being demolished.
The apartments were expected to range from £250,000 to £400,000 but with the
credit crunch of 2009 the whole site is now to be torn down which is no surprise as 2009 saw all the buildings totally vandalised and most of the roof tiles stolen.

I know this place has been done to death but as I had a day off work I thought it would have been interesting to see what was left of the mill since the flooding in the area around Christmas time, you can see from the second photo the state of the place now since the stream overflowed and re-routed itself into the mill bringing all unwanted materials along with it.
There has also been reports of people living inside the mill and some dubious messages on the walls although either the flooding had washed them out or they have taken up residence elsewhere so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect on arrival.
It is however fair to say that there is very little left of the mill so I wouldn't advise making a trip especially and the floors are a somewhat unsafe, not ideal when parts were covered in snow....!

Anyway this is my first report and I'm still trying to get used to my camera so apologies in advance if the correct criteria hasn't been met.











Thanks for looking.


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Liking that first pic, it looks good in the snow! As for your others, cut down on the filter a bit and they'll be spot on :thumb
I didn't know it was possible for it to get any worse and then I saw the pic of the bottom floor...

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