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Report - Edgebaston House, Birmingham - September 2017


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Edgbaston House
is one of Birmingham's many high rise office blocks.
Construction of the 69m tower cost £1,720,000 and was completed in 1976

It is part of the Duchess Place estate most of which is also derelict and which consists of office blocks totalling 200,000 sq ft (19,000 m2).

Tenants of the building include the Islamic Bank of Britain and various medical groups.

The roof commands views across central town and down the Hagley Road to the West. You can see the city one direction, the university clock tower another and looking straight west Edgebaston reservoir and Perrot's Folly - Tolkien's inspiration behind Isengard.

The Explore
My first successful explore alone in quite a long time (small yay) with the help of @jellyfish I got in reasonably quickly and headed to the top to catch a brilliant sun set.

2 weeks later I returned with @clebby T.Hasson and a non-member to find more demolition work had been done to the exterior walls and a big digger on site too.











This is not a good idea. Let's do it.
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Wicked shots mate. And well done on the solo explore!


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Made it into this one on numerous occasions over the past month, the latest back on Monday night. Was I not alone? lol.

DSM take control of the site on November 14th http://newgardensquare.co.uk/demolition-commences-at-edgbaston-house/ so I'll be back a few more times before then, maybe even after. Hope the ridiculous high winds we've been having calm the hell down, as it's not as enjoyable when you're on the roof, although still managed to crack open a beer and take in the views, which I'll upload in time, even though we've had many a report on this place :)

First post!

Luke vaughan

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28DL Full Member
Hi there I went there last night and brand new boards surrounded the place and u can’t get in as there is security there now


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28DL Full Member
Cheers for for that info Luke V. Was gonna give that a look next week as I'm off work. Shan't bother now. Will find alternative adventure.

Luke vaughan

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28DL Full Member
its sutch a shame that the demmolition commenced this week i am glad i got an explore in though
The edbaston temple has been demod? Btw I got caught in the temple in edbaston coz this man was scrap metalling and the demolition crew came and the manager said he uses 28 days later when he wants to find demolition jobs to do which I thought was mad

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