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Report - Edlington/Conisbrough Water Tunnel - December 2010


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28DL Full Member
Agents: Muttley, Woodburner, aem

Mission: Get underground and get diiiiiirtay

I believe this is the first time this has been reported on 28dl, although I've seen a couple of reports elsewhere.

This tunnel runs from Edlington near Doncaster towards Conisbrough and carries a now disused water pipe, presumably to transport water from one village to the other.

In total it runs for about 1200 metres underground before breaking cover and running through a man-made gulley towards Conisbrough.

Not sure of its exact age, but its shown on a 1892 map of the area but not on the 1854 version so presumably some time between the two dates.

Access is a bit of a squeeze to say the least, not one for those who've had a bit too much turkey over Xmas.

There are 4 air shafts along the length of the tunnel, I assume for construction purposes only, and these provide a good supply of fresh air.

The tunnel is 3-4 feet wide and varies between 4 and 7 feet tall.

Construction is variously natural rock and brick, in some sections the roof has metal plating.

The pipe itself is metal and around 30cm in diameter, each section of pipe was about 3 metres long.

At each end and at the bottom of each air shaft there is a build-up of rubble (possibly deliberate) which means a bit of a scramble and a squeeze to get to the next section.

I-spy points were awarded today for : 1 bat, 1 toad and a Rozzer on a quad bike who didn't bat an eyelid at 3 blokes covered in mud :thumb

Woodburner selects Space Hopper as his chosen mode of transport for the day

Brick section at the Edlington end

At each joint in the pipe were two arched alcoves in the wall


Rock section

Shotgun cartridges at the bottom of an airshaft - hopefully they'd been dropped down, rather than somebody had been down there with a shooter :eek:

Muttley having a well earned rest after much stoopiness.