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Report - Egg Farm - Southport (March 2019)


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Visited with @Exploring With Chiggles
(First Report - Excuse how bad it is)

Theres very little I can find about this place but:
First opened in 1960 and closed in 2007. In 2013 there was a fire which local firefighters managed to contain the fire to one area on the 3 acre site.

The Explore
During the explore we wore masks while walking round, don't really want to inhale the old chicken faeces with dust.
Walking through one of the barns @Exploring With Chiggles almost stepped on a mummified looking fox as well as slipping on some wet wood (I laughed, She's fine)

IMG_4592 copy.jpg
IMG_4531 copy.jpg
IMG_4522 copy.jpg
IMG_4415-2 copy.jpg
IMG_4469 copy.jpg

IMG_4495-2 copy.jpg
IMG_4445-2 copy.jpg
IMG_4444 copy.jpg
IMG_4411 copy.jpg
IMG_4404-2 copy.jpg
IMG_4401 copy.jpg
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Looks quite similar to the one I had a look at in Halsall not sure if same site


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28DL Member
Looks quite similar to the one I had a look at in Halsall not sure if same site
Possibly is wasn’t sure on the area it switches areas where the farm is so just put Southport. People I’ve spoken to locally say it’s Southport but could be Halsall


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good effort and better than most first attempts at writing reports here. :thumb

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