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Report - ELDON GROVE TENEMENT-vauxhall feb 16

scotty markfour

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HISTORY-eldon grove is in the district of vauxhall which is part of liverpool , built in 1912 it was originally constructured as part of a LABOURERS VILLAGE and was officially opened by the countess of derby.
the 3 blocks of eldon grove was built by liverpool city council as labourers dwellings and for generations they served one of the most vibrant communities of old liverpool. some notable celebrities from the area included CILLA BLACK and TOM BAKER of doctor who and little britain fame .

it was the address which brought the style of grand people into the lives of liverpools poor . they could lean over the elegant balconies in their flat caps n shawls and admire the dark timbers of the mock tudor look which contrasted sharply with the surrounding drab rows of coronation street style housing that was the norm of the time . what also made the lucky tenants of eldon grove a cut above the rest was having their own running water and toilets ,they had baths with hot water and toilets that flushed at the pull of a chain.
at some time in the 1980s/90s the tenement became student accomodation , the historic site was given grade 2 status in 1993 , the property has now lain empty for many years and plans to give the place a £6.6m facelift to turn it into 45 luxury flats (2006 plans) has not come about ! in the summer of 2015 the promised planned refurbishment has stalled with just a security fence around the grounds .

THE EXPLORE - after visiting a few urban explores in north wales a fellow explorer friend of ours showed us this place in the middle of a liverpool housing estate , we would never of found it ! when we first set our eyes on the place we was stunned at its strange beauty and how it stood out from the surrounding dull buildings. we managed to scale the surrounding fencing and spent a good 20 mins just taking external shots before entering the tenement, in parts we found evidence of substance abuse and scattered syringes , so if you do feel like you need to visit this place ? wear good boots , tread carefully and bloody watch yourself !

THE PHOTOS- as usual i was using my canon 10-18mm wide angle lens , i would of struggled with anything else , thats why i luv this lens , not the crispest of pics , but i get everthing i want in one frame ! i have also added some old pics of the place from the edwardian period and when the famous liverpool fc manager BILL
SHANKLY visited the tenement in the mid 60s to watch a game of street football .
visited with fellow members @Daniel Birkett , @Cazel#HT and @Rachel Brade




















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I explored this place a couple of years ago. There were stolen motor bikes hidden in some of the lower rooms. I walked up some stairs at the top round about the middle of the block and quickly turned round as someone was actually living in the room up there. Very dodgy place.


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I mind a friend's house in the next street and I am always in awe of this building. I last stayed around April and there was some work going on, but recently it has fell back into its old state. One day, I am sure, someone will come along and finally revive this wonderful memory of our great city. If this was Scotland, it would have been renovated years ago.


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Thanks for posting these and for running the gauntlet of all the fine upstanding people that occupy this odd place. Design-wise it's a weird mish-mash of styles but it's something so unexpected to find in the back streets of Vauxhall that it's worth the risk to record it! Hope it gets restored soon!


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