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Report - Electricity works cooling tunnels, Stockport, April 12


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Evening all

Myself and a couple of other chaps have been lurking on 28 for many months, I've been reluctant to post anything due to not having any decent tackle to take photos, point + click and the eyefone I'm afraid, due to change that though. Dip the toe in the water and all that.....in the pit we go!

Little write-up

Stockports electricity works was situated on the bank of the river Goyt approximately 300Mtrs upstream of the meeting point of the river Tame, now a car park at the end of Newbridge Lane.
Dating-wise, clearly built prior to the 1930's as there's a lot of photographic evidence of upgrades and alterations to meet the need for demand around that time. Notably, there was substantial upgrades to the cooling systems in the late 1950s. It was noted that the defunct corn-mill tunnels of times gone, were adapted to provide a cooling water feed to the plant. I'm unsure when production finally stopped, but in May 1981.......KABOOOOOM.......the cooling towers came down. 1983, final structure knocked down. Old chappies lined for photograph dated 1904, so possibly operational then?

Some (rather low quality) pictures

Breath in! Rusty flow control gate

Tunnel snot

Flow control to the ash/coke cooling pens?

Cooling pens?

General scale of the tunnels girth:laugh

Sluice gate concreted off, adjoining the river I assume.


Got a few more, but not of quality. Re-visit with a bit more kit booked.

Awaiting a slating/slagging/whatever.....maybe a thumbs-up, you never know


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