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Report - Electrified Barb Wire,,, New England/USA

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Don’t expect a lot of pretty images
A plethora of modern buildings and tasteless
renovations and modernizations made our job difficult.

This location began in the early 1800’s as the county poor farm.
Over the years it grew to include a mental hospital and a
maximum security prison.


Most of the buildings are partly or fully active.
Even those that appear to be abandoned
have active areas
Throughout the compound there are no bushes or shrubs. Obviously
The intent was to give escapees no place to hide. Because of the activity,
patrols by security and cops and the almost total lack of any
type of cover. This location was our riskiest so far.

Nevertheless we found an opening
which led us into the old maximum security exercise yard.
20 foot brick walls topped with electrified barbed wire. No coddling prisoners
with a friendly cattle fence shock. This was wired up to 220.


The extreme weirdness of the place is exemplified by offices being
Located in buildings that obviously had collapsed areas. One floor
might have a bunch of broken windows then the floor above it an
office with the lights on and still higher up holes
in the roof with plants growing out of it.
At first we thought the lights where a security trick,
but we actually saw people working at desks in there.
We surmised as a ceiling collapsed or leaks
became too bad. They just move down the
hall to a relatively dry location.


Since we arrived we had the feeling that security was aware of our presence
And was keeping an eye on us.
For the most part that really didn’t matter. Doors where all locked and alarmed
and people going in and out had ID’s.

The medical building was one we had determined to penetrate.
Currently it wasn’t occupied but there where workmen in there
Doing renovations and security was checking it regularly.

We timed the rounds
And thought we had a good time window to get in
I was just starting to manipulate the rear doors lock when I got a funny feeling...
We walked away from the area and turned in time to see 2 campus security cops come
out that very door. Yikes.

20 minutes later I tried again and popped it.
We headed for the basement but heard someone on the stairs above us. Once again we
left quickly but we left the door slightly ajar.

We came back during lunch time figuring whoever would go out for a bite.
Inside we went and up to the top floors where there where supposed to be
medical and psychiatric treatment facilities.

Pay dirt







We worked our way back downstairs and noticed that the
workmen where back working on the first floor.
In the basement we where hoping to get into the tunnels.
The doors to the tunnel where locked.
We were trying to time working on them with
The noise from one of the workers hammer drill.
We missed the beat.
They heard us
Foot steps and voices….Cops?


We made a hasty exit from the building
Fortunately for us there
was a group of mental patients wandering around
mumbling and smoking cigarettes.
We decided to blend in with them and hide out in the open...
Peat stooped over and started walking like he had some
kind of hip malformation
And I kept muttering low over and over about the government.
We fit right in and worked our way over to the car and got
The hell out of there just as the place was starting to
swarm with cop cars.

Words and Pictures
By Peat Moss and Captain Jack
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