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Report - Electron Reload, Manchester - January 2012.


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Electron Reload, Manchester



It's been a good while since I've been in drains, so I decided to treat Lawrence to a sewer this evening, I'm sure he loved every minute :rolleyes:

Discovered by LittleMike a good while back, I remember a cheeky pic of "Dirty Nigels Electron Reload" catching my eye..

Essentially a storm overflow connecting the nearby trunk sewer which passes underneath and eventually outfalls into the ship canal via a 3m brick arch overflow pipe

Whilst looking for new stuff I attempted to locate this interesting find, but having no real luck, as a couple of leads brought me no closer

A snippet of info from TheVicar a while back sparked new interest and I set about trying to locate it once more

After lifting numerous lids around the area with no reward I eventually stumbled on it, situated in the most unlikliest of locations

The lid was a real C**T to move before dropping into the 30ft concrete shaft come storm tank (this had obviously replaced a much older system at some point)

Below there were a couple of landing stages, with various ladders down allowing access to the different sections that made up the overflow system

Beyond the last section were some age old rusting iron beams, supporting the original CSO chamber below which consisted of a 3m sewer and an equally sized brick arch overflow pipe

After climbing down past the beams into the older section of the overflow, I soon realised wellies were a bad idea as I sank waist deep into some skanky backed up river of turd :eek:

I managed to traverse across some older step irons, and haul myself up onto the dividing wall between that and the sewer the otherside, much to the amusement of Lawrence looking down from above

I grabbed a few shots, as I was soaking wet and CBA hanging about, besides there was no real way on down the overflow without drowning

We had just as much fun getting out as the mobile secca had locked the gate and was circling about in his van, needless to say climbing a 7ft pallisade gate soaking wet wearing wellies wasn't much fun

Looking down



The newer shaft above the orignal overflow


Beyond the iron beams into the older sewer/overflow


3m outfall sewer


Brick arch overflow


Thanks for looking :thumb


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