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Report - - Elie ROC post - Fife Group- 21/6/07 | ROC Posts |

Report - Elie ROC post - Fife Group- 21/6/07

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Went to Elie on the coast of Fife with my Father-in-Law to see the ROC post on Earlsferry Golf Course. Lovely place, if it wasn't so misty we could've seen for miles. Ideal position for spotting a nuclear blast. Flashearth

Contrary to the subbrit visit, the post is now padlocked but we managed to get hold of the keys and eventually get in. After our first visit to the tatty one in Gauldry it was nice to have a proper look around a tidy one. Quite a few of the tiles are coming off but it is well carpeted with no funny smells despite not being opened for a few years.

I knew there were a couple of unique features in this one but also came across one or two other surprising bits, not least plenty of golf balls dotted all over the place.


Room - right angle torch box and, for some reason, wooden toy sword on the table. Lots of jerry cans still full too.

There are two pictures painted on the walls by Leading Observer Albert Lawrie, a local man. The first is at the bottom of the shaft, the second in the toilet.


Fuse box

Oil can (1 pint) and golf balls

The cupboard which still had some odd bits and pieces within including an empty torch box, some cloths and the trusty glitto. All on some newspaper...

The paper

The first headline I saw!

The other main headline!

The Lads.

Overall, it was a good way to spend a morning. Hope you enjoy.

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