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Report - Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate Factory, Bristol, May 2018


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This is my first time posting and I just wanted to share my experience with the Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate Factory in Bristol.

First things first, it is still standing (Only just) although it is in the process of being demolished and turned into housing. Not that it's a boring visit by no means, I enjoyed walking through it in the time I had there. Note to anyone who wants to explore this place, its next to impossible now, its easy to get in as there are numerous ways of getting inside, from climbing to crawling. The thing that makes it impossible to explore is the sheer number of cameras and sensors.
At the front gate, you are met by a slyly positioned camera that would be hard to spot unless looking for it, and dotted around the site are JCB smart towers, fitted with motion cameras that follow you as you walk around them and also an alarm system that asks you to leave the area. I'm guessing if you don't the police or private security are called out.

I never got the chance to make it inside any of the buildings, well apart from the big main hand torn down building that you'll see in the picture. before going any further we set the motion detector off and was told to leave the area. But I ignored the automated message for a bit as I was so excited that I had even go inside. I strolled around outside for a bit and noticed the cameras following my movement. even though my intentions were clear (as I had my camera equipment) I decided to leave, so that I wouldn't cause any hassle or issues as I didn't want to get caught the very first time I went urban exploring, if you can even call walking around an old factory for 20 minutes urban exploration XD.

I hope this can help someone make up their minds to enter this place or not, and I hope it sheds some light on the current state of this site. I hope you enjoy the pictures that I shall attach.

Thank you!













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if you can even call walking around an old factory for 20 minutes urban exploration
I reckon you can call it exploring. You were somewhere most people wouldn't go. Normally I'd say exterior shots aren't worth a report, but in this case it's a timely update of somewhere that's soon to be gone so thanks for posting.

I'm guessing if you don't the police or private security are called out.
You were there 20 mins and nobody turned up, so you know you've probably got that long next time. Go back and head straight into a building (I'd suggest the big white building as it looks the most interesting) and get some interior shots.

Also, I like to read a bit of history of a site so try to add some to your next reports :thumb


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Kinell I thought this place had been raised to the ground. Not sure what's going on, looks like they've started demo'ing and then stopped again?

Im just surprised its still there, i remember being in there not long after it closed. There were easter egg molds lol
Used to still smell of chocolate in places, was really sweet (excuse the pun) place when Rooks/Sinnerman first found it. Then the pikeys rinsed it to within an inch of its life, never seen a place with so many cutting discs lying around!

Also looks like the bristol post has nabbed some of @Rookinella's original photos on more than one occasion recently.
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