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Report - Elvet Baths - Durham - August 2014

Will Knot

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The Explore.....

Visited with Acid and a Non Member, this was an early start to the day and was the third explore of the day on our mini tour of the North East region.

Enjoyed this one.....a big thanks fellas for the day :thumb

A Bit of History......

The Baths were officially opened on 28th September 1932 at a cost of £31,519, replacing a peat-floored pool. The old pool had brown water due to the peat. Forty times national champion and Olympic swimmer J.G. Hatfield gave a display at the opening.

Separate entrances were provided for men and women, with a ticket office between. The larger pool measured 75ft by 30ft, big enough to be accepted by the Amateur Swimming Association for competitive meetings. The hall was enhanced with plaster decoration of bulrushes and water lilies on the arch-ribbed roof. The balcony was supported by a pair of sandstone columns in the form of lotus buds, at either end of the pool. Wrought iron railings around the balcony contained seahorse, dolphin and waterspout designs. A large window at the south end of the hall was decorated with water plants and goldfish in coloured glass, under the badge of the City (you can still see the badge, though the lower part of window is now gone).

The pool was closed in 2008. It is not a listed building and was due to be demolished and replaced with homes, offices and a restaurant at Elvet Waterside, but this fell through due to the recession.

On with the pics :)
















I hope you enjoyed the report........I Will Knot :cool

The Wombat

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tell you what mate, thats bloody good.
Even Mrs The Wombat nosing over my shoulder said, wow, whats that


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28DL Full Member
Great set will, :thumb hope you took your boots off near the old pool.


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28DL Full Member
Nice ones Will :thumb very nice

Glad to see you got the Boots shot ok :)

Mine won't be done for months I till I learn how to clone you & the Masked Marauder out of my images :rolleyes:

Was a nice mooch this one with good lads good light and unique tribute to The Great Escape :D

The Stig

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Good stuff there fella, did you get any pictures of the smaller pool in the next room??

Urban Legend

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Fantastic report:thumb
Sadly these type of pools are a dying breed, councils closing them down due to lack of funding etc. In my area 4 have gone in the last 10 years

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