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Report - Emborough Quarry - Emborough, Somerset - August 2020


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@dejay89 Have fixed your photos for you, you didnt click the 'Insert All' button.

Have a read of this thread for more info

Oops sorry my bad! Still getting use to this forum lol.

Thank you


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We went to this with the help and info from Adaminski as only a 30 min drive from me.

we had a good few hours here and was very quiet! will upload all the photos later just thought id add these to here as there is a couple of bridges that where made for the railway but never used. (pic of the water from thequarry number 2?) and pics from top of the railway/viaduct bridge

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Good stuff! Glad you got in


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Hello, I'm going to try and explore this site sometime. I've had a look on streetview and seen a few lanes running around it to attempt to gain access via. Any info/advice anyone has would be greatly appreciated please as to where to get in? Cheers :)

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