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Report - Emhart Fastening Teknologies (Tucker Fasteners Ltd), Birmingham, May 2014


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In 1888, George Tucker, a Birmingham based entrepreneur, founds a small business manufacturing eyelets for leather boots in the Bordersley area of the city. In 1903, the George Tucker Eyelet Company is formed. In 1914 George Tucker Eyelet Company becomes UK market leader in the metal eyelet and lace hook business. The company is approached by an aircraft manufacturer for assistance in the development of a new type of fixing. This new product will become the POP rivet and has the capability to be set from just one side of the workpiece.
In 1939, production output of POP rivets increases to 3000 million during the second world war and the company moves to larger premises in Perry Barr, Birmingham UK. Growth opportunities are identified and Giessen in Germany is chosen as the ideal location for providing POP products with access to the European market.
In 1974, George Tucker Eyelet Company becomes Tucker Fasteners Ltd... To reflect the company's now diverse range of products, which now includes POP Riveting systems, Tucker Stud Welding systems and, at that time, construction products and fuse caps.
Tucker Fasteners Ltd completes the refurbishment of the Birmingham factory which incorporates new cellular and modular manufacturing processes to improve efficiency.
Self Piercing Riveting becomes part of the Tucker portfolio.
In 2000, Tucker opens the new state-of-the-art plastics manufacturing facility in Giessen.

In 2012, Tucker Fasteners Ltd. Birmingham manufacturing facility closed, two thirds of the POP manufacturing is now transferred to the German location in Giessen.

Newspaper article from March 2013: -
220 jobs to go in Birmingham as Tucker fasteners closes - Birmingham Mail

Really enjoyed this one, Thanks Dweeb for the help :)
Apart from it being the wettest and slippiest day of the year… making my route to the place rather comical….. It was “Umberella Vs Nettles†and judging by the results of said brolly and my legs stinging like billy-o… the nettles won.
Arrived in time to spot the security man and his dog walking back to his base, so I thought that appeared promising… I could have at least a half hour before he does the rounds again.. specially in THIS weather. What I didn’t predict, however, was that his nice big Alsatian is apparently allowed to roam free inside..
Tiptoeing around corners, tentatively looking for a beefcake in a hi-vis, I was confronted at one point by the dog lying down and facing me.. who proceeded to give the loudest, echoing bark Ive heard. Thought at this point it was game over… but realised the dog was on his own, so decided to leg it to somewhere else in the building as I assumed (rightly) that his owner would sharpish come in.

Now, it turns into a game of “chase†its cat vs dog… and dogs don’t seem to like cats too much. Halfway up running a couple of floors, I spot this… but it was more a case of “ooh… pretty…†*pause….. click click* run -

And now being stuck, what better place to hide out than here?
Could have spent all afternoon rummaging about here…





And the rest of the place that I managed to capture: -















Made it out without detection / incident… (well, apart from “Roverâ€)….which was quite a relief, as Id heard about this bad man and his treatment of Speed during his visit. SO much Ive missed, but time was getting on and this trip to Birmingham for two sites out of a possible three that I had my eye on turned into 12 hours driving (bloody roadworks!) but a really good place to visit… for the ‘archive’ room alone. Photos turned out blurry as hell, being handheld (didn’t get to use my new tripod)… but decided on travelling light for this one… probably a good thing due to the bloomin dog in pursuit.​




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Apart from it being the wettest and slippiest day of the year… making my route to the place rather comical….. It was “Umberella Vs Nettles” and judging by the results of said brolly and my legs stinging like billy-o… the nettles won.
Definitely cut out for drains :thumb


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Well done on getting away with only Stings :)

Nice pics considering the rush around lol
aw, cheers! I was really disappointed initially on looking at them... but it wasnt exactly a 'relaxed' explore with being stalked by a canine on the loose!


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Definitely cut out for drains :thumb
haha! might be down your way next weekend.... I'll need my "Learner Drains" you promised me. Finally got a decent tripod (well the camera doesnt move on this one!... so its bound to be better!)


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Good to see the stairs are open again, that had me stumped last visit!
some doors were padlocked, but the stairs were fine.... just as well really, with that dog in tow! did you notice if he was running free when you were there? i seriously wasnt expecting that


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Nice job Cat! Well done - you know who will be well pissed off!! Hahaha!!
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