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Lead or Rumour info - Empire Cinema, Measham, Leics.


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just read in the coalvile times that the old empire cinema in measham is empty and to be demoed to make way for the measham canal to be extended .might be worth a look for any 1 thats passing ,its on the main road next to the bridge it was used as a youth club

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Thanks for the lead. Looks quite a small one but you never know what might be lurking! One of the locals should check it out...


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I went here this morning on my way elsewhere.

Thanks for the lead Pigdog, but...

I'm not brave enough to say "it's sealed", but one barred window, 2 plated doors, intact roof, no vents, no cellars, I'll say it looked sealed.


It looked pretty empty through the window. Beyond the hatches was a seemingly plain empty room - more village hall than cinema. (Sorry about poor pic)


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Clocked this as I drove past the other day. Still there so not sure if canal plans have been knocked on the head? Looking at some aerial shots it looks like it might once have had something to do with the railway? You can clearly see the old tracks running into the car park at the rear which come from the old line which headed down towards Hinckley... If I get a bit of time to myself I'll have a pop down. If anyone fancies teaming up and then going to to T G Green's pottery after then let me know...