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Lead or Rumour info - employment exchange, Minishull st manchester


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Hi guys,
The Albany Crown Tower (or the Albany Tower) was a planned development on Aytoun and Auburn Streets in Manchester England. It would have fronted onto the Rochdale Canal not far from Piccadilly Station and been one of the tallest buildings in Manchester projected to cost £83 million.Planning permission was given in 2005 but construction never commenced and the developer entered administration in May 2010.
As mentioned above in 2005 there were plans to build a 44 storey hotel on the site of the old employment exchange in Manchester, But the company went into receivership and the hotel was never built, I haven't been past the area in quite a few months but I know the building has sat there unused for quite some time now. Last month it was announced that there are plans to build a 300 room hotel on the site (source:Go-ahead for new 300-room hotel on Aytoun Street, Manchester city centre - Manchester Evening News) which I can only assume means that the building will be demolished soon (if it's not already gone)
(info on the site:Former Employment Exchange - Aytoun Street))




I would love to find a way in and make a report on the place before it's gone for good.
Does anyone have experience with the place or know any information that could be useful?
Apologies If there already has been a report done on the place but I couldn't find one on the forum.


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I think you will find some recent pics on here, I'd link mine but photobucket have cocked my account up and none of my pics are showing ATM :(

Still another 12 months free to look forward too at some point :popcorn


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ah, the mistake I made was searching for the wrong street name. I had only just seen Bignickb's post afew days ago but didn't piece them together. Sorry guys. :/


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My way in has been sealed sadly.