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Report - Empty Carriage Tunnel. Chalk Farm, London


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As a teenager back in the 1960s I worked on the reconstruction for electrification of an Empty Carriage Tunnel that ran from Adelaide Rd, Chalk Farm under the Roundhouse into I was told Kings Cross. Three teams of miners worked off coal waggons to dismantle a ring of cast iron tunnel segment, and excavate to enlarge the crown of the tunnel and replace the lining with larger diameter cast iron segments. The tunnel portal was rebuilt to accommodate the larger diameter tunnel, in blue engineering bricks. While constructing the tunnel a brick wall was found, the miners not wanting to loose time and of course money in any delay just broke it out. This resulted in a flood of water found to have come from the Round House basement are, so pumps were installed in the basement and the water was controlled until the tunnel was completed.
Looking at Google maps the tunnel entrance adjacent to Adelaide Rd just passed the large semi detached house, walking away from Chalk Farm underground Station, there's a brick wall and the tunnel is down the bank. There was another entrance off Gloucester Ave but cant remember much about it.

Don't know if this is the same tunnel reported on the Forum as The Rat Hole as the poster says it was never electrified. As this was the whole purpose of the reconstruction me thinks I must have another tunnel.

Later I life I spent two weeks inspecting the The Northen Line parallel station tunnels used as Air Raid Shelters during the war. There was one in the West End that was a US Army control centre, left still as the Septic's had walk out of it. PX and all.


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The US Army control centre is the Eisenhower centre in Goodge Street, just off of Tottenham Court Road.

Currently used as a document storage facility, but has a "Snatchback" clause to allow the British Government to take it back should the need arise. This was more likely to have happened during the cold war period than nowadays. This site is sometimes referred to as a deep level shelter, because they are built on the deep level tube lines of the likes of the Northern line. I believe the others to be at Clapham, Balham and Primrose Hill