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Report - End of the Bristol ParcelForce sorting office building


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A regularly explored building in Bristol has now been completely demolished. Sad to say I never got inside, but having commuted past it for nearly 10 years I'm sad to see it go. I have a desire to reconstruct a virtual version to explore in VR using photogrammetry. To do this I'd need as many photos of inside the building as possible. If people have them can they either share them here or PM me please?

In the mean time here's are some photos of it on it's way down... great graffiti was revealed as it came down.

P1150212 (Large).JPG

P1150234 (Large).JPG

P1150385 (Large).JPG

P1150400 (Large).JPG

P1150408 (Large).JPG

P1150412 (Large).JPG

P1150418 (Large).JPG

P1150419 (Large).JPG

P1150481 (Large).JPG

P1150528 (Large).JPG

P1150639 (2) (Large).JPG

P1150683 (Large).JPG

P1150727 (2) (Large).JPG

P1150779 (Large).JPG

P1150813 (Large).JPG

P1150821 (Large).JPG

P1150823 (Large).JPG

P1150827 (2) (Large).JPG

P1150849 (2) (Large).JPG

P1150852 (Large).JPG

P1150886 (Large).JPG

P1150934 (2) (Large).JPG

P1150976 (2) (Large).JPG

P1160286 (Large).JPG

P1160388 (2) (Large).JPG

P1160566 (2) (Large).JPG

P1160688 (Large).JPG

P1160823 (Large).JPG

P1160878 (2) (Large).JPG


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Great record. Passed it a few times. Had a similar relationship with the Hallam Towers hotel in Sheffield. For some inexplicable reason (well, in part was security being upped after someone fell to their death death) never got round to exploring it the demo started.


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Unfortunately I don't think you'd have a chance of photogrammetry unless someone photographed it with that specifically in mind. You need a lot of photos, often from only slightly different angles, and with broadly similar lighting/white balance etc.


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Why? It shows the gradual disappearance of the building.
Alot of them just look the same and show the same thing, you can shorten it to 2 or photos from each angle each trip, so I still think its to many photos.