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End of the Road: The Real Story of the Downfall of Rover

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End of the Road: The Real Story of the Downfall of Rover (Hardcover)
by Andrew Lorenz, Chris Brady

# Hardcover: 256 pages
# Publisher: Prentice Hall (3 Jan 2006)
# Language English
# ISBN: 0273706535


The last Rover car has rolled off the production line. The last great British car brand is finished - for good. The story of the decline of the national institution that was Rover is a business rollercoaster. It's a story of a doomed merger, battles of executive egos, union in-fighting, boardroom bloodshed and broken promises. It's a story that ironically begins with BMW promising a bright new future for Rover. In turn, Rover was to keep BMW as the independent car dynasty it wanted to remain. But it all went badly wrong. The clash of cultures, disastrous decisions and ultimately European Union meddling led to the sale of Rover. Just when it was looking all over for Rover, along came the white knights - the Phoenix consortium, comprising four car industry veterans, who promised to save the company. Five years later, when the white knights declared the black day had arrived and MG Rover was finished, the saviours stood accused of betraying the trust placed in them, and walking away rich men as the Rover workforce streamed off to the benefit office. This is the full story, with unparalleled access to all the key players. It reveals where the errors were made, who was to blame, and along the way tells a riveting story of the events that will go down in history as the end of an era for industrial Britain.
Note: The Amazon description seems to be muddled with a financial book!

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