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Report - Ennis District Lunatic Asylum, County Clare - April 2019


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Visiting relatives over in Eire we decided to head out west for the day and check out a few things including the Ennis asylum. This is a well known site and has been done on here several times.

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History. The asylum opened in 1868 and closed in 2002 although it still had 600 inmates even as late as 1989. The building has changed hands several times since it was bought from Clare County Council in 2005, with failed attempts to develop it as a hotel or a private hospital.
It was recently sold at auction for 750,000 euros, apparently with plans for a private healthcare facility. For a proper history see http://www.clarelibrary.ie/eolas/library/developments/oral_history_project.htm

Arriving mid-morning, access was not exactly demanding. And that’s really the problem - unlike St Brigid’s up the road in Galway which at least has a nominal fence, this one is wide open and the local kids have been getting in and trashing bits of it for years.
Nevertheless it’s a big old place and there are plenty of un-graffitied vistas to admire. Very few ‘things’ remain - the partitioning in the dormitories is probably the most interesting - mainly its just oodles of multicoloured peely paint and decay.

Heavy doors for more secure cells.



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That is lovely, some great decay there. Been thinking about this one recently, had a good wander around back in 2017 but it was the day after getting busted at St Brigid's and our flight home was that evening, so we didn't want to push our luck lol. Great to see a recent update. I may need to treat myself to a few days away because I was gutted to miss this place.


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Good to see this one again mate. You have captured it well :thumb
It was a walk in back in 2017, I thought it would be in a worse state by now tbh.


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Great pics. I’m planning a trip her soon . My last asylum was st krispins in Northamptonshire . Look forward to this one