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Report - Ensors abattoir - Forest of Dean (June 2020)


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Disclaimer; This is not as exciting as it sounds :D Trust me...
Disclaimer 2; I've called report this Ensors abattoir because on Google Maps, if you go and stand outside, that's what it says the place is called! However I'm not entirely sure...


Lets assume this place used to belong to Ensors. Certainly, the large factory floors, multiple cold-store rooms and huge outdoor-to-indoor crane and large internal lift, all suggest it was a meat processing facility. However this sign confuses me a little;

I'm struggling to find what the connection was between Ensors and Hartpury College. I guess the college could have used the Abattoir as a teaching facility maybe? Can anyone enlighten? I know Gloucestershire College recently built their new campus just up the road from here, so, it's plausible I guess.

However the top floor of this place is very 'college-canteen-ish' (Still has signs above the serving counter where to pick up your starters, main meal and deserts!) and downstairs, there's a load of lockers in the foyer.

Ensors moved into their new, purpose built abattoir, just up the road, sometime in 2011, I believe.

An article online from 2012 says permission was granted to flatten the abattoir site and turn it into a £20m housing estate, which judging by all the building work ongoing there at the moment, is what's now happening.

This site is flanked on either side by 2 other abandoned places, if anyone fancies a road trip out to the Forest for a look, let me know :)

Disclaimer 3;
They're derptastic :P

All the best everyone x


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Good effort. I see what you mean by the first disclaimer !


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28DL Full Member
Great pics mate, staircase is probably the most exciting thing there in my opinion! Might have a nose around here myself.


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28DL Full Member
Wow this place is getting worse! I first went here about 5 years ago now and although it was wrecked it wasn’t this bad. Had the strangest experience here too... will try and locate my photos.

I’ve been in the laboratory opposite, as well as the metalworks just up which is completely gone. Again, some interesting things to look at inside, however there’s often teenagers inside smashing the place up even more
Definitely up for going again if you fancy some company ☺
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