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Question - Entrance to something in Poole Park, Poole Dorset?


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I doubt that this is a new lead as I expect some of you know the answer straight away but it has been a life long curiosity for me . I've always been intrigued by a lump of concrete in Poole Park, Poole, Dorset which is at the far end of the back of the park running along Copse Close. It is situated near the boundary just as you come in to the park, just out of the trees on the field side. It is a raised round platform of concrete about 7-8 feet in diameter and about half a foot in depth. There are 3 equally spaced iron hoops about the size of a clenched fist. Then there is a smaller raised area made of red bricks, set off centre and one brick in depth which is capped by a normal man hole cover. A few feet away nearer the road amongst the trees is a normal looking man hole cover.
I always thought it looked like the entrance to a shaft of some sort , although the iron loops made me wonder if it was some sort of platform for anti aircraft installation in the war, but that wouldn't explain the man hole. It may be nothing at all- perhaps a drain but wondered if anyone could throw any light on it?
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