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Report - Entry Level (Sewer), Bury - September 2011.


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Entry Level (Sewer), Bury


Stuck for ideas and despite the recent weather, I decided to finally check on some leads I had been researching earlier this year whilst laid up

I had done a fair bit of walking above ground to locate liddage over the past few months, it was just a matter of taking a closer look..

Arriving in Bury on probably one of the worst days possible, thats right it was pissing down, not ideal for draining :D

A good few hours of fail were spent before I finally found what I was looking for - Loud Noises

Now soaking wet, I struggled with a grid for a good 10 mins before it finally budged!

(Apologies for the shit handheld pics, this was done during flooding in confined spaces)

When it rains :p:

Upstream - I located this lid in rather a high profile area, about 12ft down was this reasonable sized piss pot


The sewer was at capacity due to the amount of rain in the past 24 hours :eek:

Looking Left the fresh was forced through this 600mm hole


Hitting the wall with some force was propelled down a small vortex to the storm overflow below


Realising actually climbing further down the ladder was a no go, I decided to follow it further downstream

This is where the footwork had previously come in, I'd spent a while locating this lid


A break in the human traffic and I was down..


The noise was incredible as I climbed down the ladder.. Below a 2.1M Trunk Sewer

(Looking Left)


(Looking Right)


The flow was insane, NO WAY was I stepping my good foot into that shit :rolleyes:

Further Downstream, I located this lid in the arse end of know-where


Once down the picture speaks for itself really, the way on was a definate no go, rain or no rain


I do have a good idea where this goes, so WILL be back :popcorn
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