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Report - EON Works / C .H. White & Co, Sheffield | April '17


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EON Works / C .H. White & Co, Sheffield

A bit of History on the place

G. H. White & Co. Ltd. is a heat treatment works located in Sheffield. The business, which now trades as ‘Special Steel Co.’ following a merger between two companies, currently operate out of their new premises on Bacon Lane. The company’s original site opened on Earl Street – in the Cultural Industries Quarter of Sheffield – in 1939 due to growing tensions between the Allied powers and Nazi Germany. After war was declared in 1939, Sheffield quickly became one of the main cities centred on producing steel and armaments. Like most factories at the time, EON Works contributed to the war effort. However, it only operated successfully for a year before it was bombed sometime between 12th and 15th December 1940, during the Sheffield Blitz (operation ‘Crucible’). It is known now, though, through documents that were captured at the end of the war, that EON Works was not one of the primary targets. It is likely, therefore, that the building was damaged simply by unfortunate chance.

Our Story
We came across this place after seeing it on the internet and a friend telling us to go (SheffLad12), so we then went down Sidney Street and didn't bother with any of the places down there out of fear of getting spotted. So we ended up going down towards the EON Works (not giving away the location) and passing some workmen who didn't seem bothered that we entered on the wide open doors on the side of the building.






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