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Question - Equipment for a beginner.

The Anonymous Cameraman

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I take a small backpack only get the size you need and no larger or you could be accused of trying to steal things if you get caught. In this I have my main camera (Fujiflim finepix SL3), two tripods strapped to the sides, headtorch and plenty of spare batteries, gloves, P3 rated dust mask, spare phone for photos should my main camera fail and for emergency use, spare memory cards, power bank, a drink and a first aid kit. I also wear a GoPro on a chest strap and record from the moment I access a site to the moment I leave. This way if you get caught you can show the footage there and then to prove you didn’t break in or damage anything. I also use the footage for YouTube. I hope this helps sorry it’s long winded happy exploring :) TAC

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