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Report - Espace Pauvre Jacques - Beziers, south of France - March 2013


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This was a cool little place to explore, very random and strange but intriguing at the same time. I happened upon it by complete accident after failing to access the cinema next door but didn't have a clue what it was. All I could see was a huge mural of a bull inside and knowing that Beziers has a history of bullfighting I wondered if it might be some kind of old bullfighting arena. After squeezing through some gaps I didn't expect to fit through, I was in. The main room had bull horns painted everywhere with symbols from an alphabet I wasn't familiar with, and at each end of the room there was a large painting of a bull. All the signs pointed towards something bullfighting related but I wasn't sure what. There wasn't a great deal else to see in here so I ventured around the corner into the darkness and found a burnt out car, car manuals strewn around....and a creepy looking pushchair amongst other things, very random! I took a few shots of everything and left completely baffled by the mystery of the place.

I wasn't able to find much history on the place except that there was once a mechanic's garage in here which closed down many years ago. The original name above the door (Espace Pauvre Jacques) didn't come up with any answers and neither did the word 'Bordealis' written over the top. However, according to local sources the building's bullfighting connection was actually to do with the 'Feria' bullfighting festival where it was used as a party venue. "Based on Spain’s 'Corrida', this festival takes place in the middle of August and lasts for four days. A holiday atmosphere invades the town as young men full of bravado take on the bulls and the town gets down to some serious partying with street festivals and music throughout the four day long event."

So, not the most amazing of explores but something a little different from the norm at least.... :coat













Thanks for looking :thumb
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