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Essex lad in Kent saying hello!

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Recently stumbled across this site after talking with my sister about urban exploring. It was a little hobby she picked up on last year before the first lockdown, and was something I was keenly interested in!
Have lived in Grays in Essex for most of my life but within the last two years I have been living in Gravesend and recently moved to Rochester, in Kent.
I’ve got very little knowledge and experience in terms of urban exploration so have found this website very useful and will gladly accept any more tips for beginners aside from the pinned threads on the forums.
Officially the only place I have ever really ‘explored’ is the old tunnels at Grain Fort in Kent. Had a smashing time checking the tunnels out - in fact, finding the entrance to the tunnels was one of the best parts. I had never felt more like Lara Croft in my life!
Once restrictions ease up I would be really interested in checking out some more places to explore either within the Essex / Kent area or further afield if anyone has any suggestions.

Thanks for having me. Hope you’re all keeping safe!
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Hello mate welcome aboard sounds like you have a good understanding about it all :thumb Try typing Kent / Essex in the search bar I am sure things will pop up stay safe !


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Welcome to the site @Curious Explorer!

Have a read of the following link to help you get a feel of the site and how things work:

And have a read of this guide to help you posting a report:

There’s tonnes out there, use the search box to your aid and you may even find something in your area!

I look forward to seeing some pictures and reports soon! Just shout if you have any questions!

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