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Report - Essex police communications mast High Garrett Essex June 2018


Always on a mission
This 300 ft mast in high garrett Essex is owned by Essex Police, but according to their list of assets is rented out. It is in a corner of the site of the old High Garrett POW camp, occupied by the US military after the war as a microwave radio station, when presumably this mast was built.
all that remains of the pow camp today is the water tower at the time of the climb the water tower was being restored
apparently the tower is used by Essex and Kent police for communications purposes

The climb
after heading out at 4am to check out the abandoned foley house care home arrived there to spot someone inside watching tv with a high viz on
deciding not to waste the trip wondered over the road and checked out the mast
anyone who knows this mast will notice the old chain link fence has been replaced.
Finally getting past the new fence the climb was easy one strait ladder to the top
was amassed to find no ladder guard or locked trap doors
enjoyed this one have never climbed anything this high made it to the top with no problems
great view from the top even managed to catch the sun rise
up and down no problems luckily didn't get caught as is view of houses and on the side of a main road
another decent unplanned solo explore.........



28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Is there any danger of radiation from the transmitter at the top?

I guess this is a concern for transmitter towers?

Great pix and balls of steel, thanks for posting.

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