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Report - Euroclydon Tunnel of Dyrbook

Terry T

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After much thought I would attempt my first report somewhere local. The Euroclydon Tunnel was built as part of a railway heading northwards from the Forest of Dean. It cut through the large hill on the north side of Drybook, known as "the cutting". Enabling the line to continue onto Ross - On - Wye. On its completion however the line was decided not to be brought into use. I havn't done enough homework to know when it was finished but it didn't see any use until the second world war; Where the Admiralty selected the tunnel as a ammunition dump.
Following the war it lay lifeless again until the 1950's. I'm not sure how accurate this is, but supposedly it was then used as part of a short fungal growing experiment. The last piece of history I know is that tunnel was mined for gold at the northern end; however I can not date this information. As far as I know once this ended the tunnel lay dormant once again till the present day. It is now owned by Ray Wright who is also the owner of Clearwell caves. Both ends of tunnel are shut tight. However I will make another attempt soon to explore inside. The photos taken are from the south side. All of the equipment left I believe would have been from the gold mining period. (That had recently been under threat of theft) Its a shame to see this tunnel wasting away and its safe to say nature has firmly got its hands of destruction wrapped around it. Slowly being re-claimed. One last attempt to revive it was made last year, the application for a miniature railway tourist attraction. Planning was rejected. :tumbleweed
Hope it interested you to visit!

South Entrance

Ignore the tripod!


Miner's shuttle system, two more lying at the entrance.

Winch System that would have pulled the shuttle?





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