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Report - Everton Library (Liverpool, 2019/2020)


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This was one of the first buildings I noticed when setting out to explore Liverpool in 2017.
However I soon found out it had been reported before in 2015, https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/threads/everton-valley-library-23-august-2015.99316/,
so I put it on the list of things to do eventually, and went off to look for something more original.
The only other report I’m aware of was from last year, https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/threads/everton-library-liverpool-feb-19.116958/.

Short history. The library was built in 1896, designed by Thomas Shelmerdine who is responsible for a lot of nice buildings in Liverpool, including six other libraries.
All of these are still going except the Lister Drive one, which used to be derelict but is currently being renovated, https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/threads/lister-drive-carnegie-library-liverpool-apr-2019.117708/.
The Everton library closed in 1998, and the building has been vacant since 2002 despite several initiatives to redevelop it.

Not a great deal to say about the explore(s) - access had been obvious for years, just on a fairly busy road.
I had an initial look one evening late last year, and then again a few months ago early in the morning to catch the sunrise.
It’s a completely empty building with a rather eccentric layout due to being on a triangular plot.

Inside pictures are ordered upwards.
The basement was surprisingly extensive with several large part-tiled rooms - this area was originally separate from the library and used for craft/technical classes.

Ground floor.

Mezzanine level.

The circular thing is a skylight with dirty glass - I stuck my red camping light under it for the next picture.

The main reading hall, which was partitioned up when it was used briefly by a community group.
The end of the balcony on the left has collapsed since last year dumping the bookcases on the ground - it looks like the supporting beams just rotted away.

Up the staircase in the octagonal end turret to the top rooms.

The roof - not much of a view since it’s facing inland.

A couple of dodgy pictures of the Bottle/Seaforth area looking north, with the big red cranes on the Gladstone Dock just visible on the left.

A nearby temple of prole culture - the smaller blue one is off to the left.

Judging by previous pictures this place has gone downhill markedly in the last few years.
The copper cladding from the dome on the turret was pinched ages ago, and probably some of the lead from the valleys as well.
As a result many areas are now quite rotten and there are several holes in the roof.
The building is owned by the council who are trying to get rid of it - no takers so far, probably because it’s listed and would cost so much to fix.
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