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Report - EWS Thornaby TMD August 2009


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Okay i know this has been done before by Dempsey but i must confess ive been thinking about it since it closed a few years ago and i reckon it was Dempsey who probably inspired me to get off my backside and go for it and i'm glad i did. I wont go too much into the history of the place other than the motive power depot has been up and running since the early 60s though the whole site has seen railway activity for many years before that with the newport marshalling yards etc. The Tees yard complex of marshalling yards was one of the biggest in the country now sadly very little remains though this is still a live site and the motive power depot sees the occasional use to break up old wagons etc the locos stored in there are due to be cut up soon i'd prefer to keep this report in this section too please. Anyhow on with some pics.


This is the base of a nearby lighting tower now sadly no longer in use.


the depot from the road bridge which spans the yard.






At last inside the depot and this lovely old 08 shunter just asking to be photographed. The atmosphere in here was truly remarkable even though it was quiet and all closed down you couldnt help thinking about what once went on here all the hustle and bustle of locos being repaired the noise etc etc.


looking out of that 08 what the driver would have seen as he left that cab forever.


One of the many little offices and rooms which radiate off the main depot.


It was little things like this oil can lying around the place which reminded you of what went on.



then i came across these beasts the class 56 coal trains which once pounded up and down the country with thousands of tons of coal. The class is now defunct though i did once have the privelage of travelling in one many years ago on the durham coast i searched this place for the number 56128 i saw 127 and 129 but sadly 128 wasnt here it would have been nice to sit in it once more.


Dempsey i know exactly what you meant when you talk about the power and noise these locos produced.


Final shot of this report and a cracking explore being a bit of a train enthusiast that i am. I would like to get back one day having said that the whole of the site is earmarked for demolition and a new development is planned the usual office blocks cheap nasty housing etc etc a shame this great depot had to close i am glad i managed to see it. Hope the pics are slightly different to the original report. thanks for looking.

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