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Lead or Rumour info - Ex Navy Photography building - Tipner, North Portmsouth, Hampshire


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I've known about this building since moving to portsmouth and it's always had an 8ft razor wire fence round the top, with everything was boarded up pretty solid. I've been told, and have seen on here that it used to be a Navy photography building but I don't know any more than that.

Anyways, as part of the Northern quarter development there is a new motorway junction being built off the M275 and demolition of the buildings has begun. When you drive past on the motorway you can see lots of heavy machinery and one of the buildings partly broken up. The main building has a lot of the wooden window covers removed and apart from the outer fence it looks pretty accessible.

Theres only a few small brick buildings so I don't know how long it will take to flatten, they did start on the small bottom building on thursday / friday and don't appear to have done much since, I've heard rumour (and like the idea of) something underneath these buildings so it may be worth investigation before it's gone.



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Posted about this a while back too. Demolision has fully started now unfortunately there is nothing underneath this place. Was known as FPU Tipner (Fleet Photographic Unit).

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Forgot to say, went there in a lunch break a few weeks back and the guys just gave me the health and safety 'no'.


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I know the place was full of asbestos! Maybe if you contact whale island they may have some historical pictures info etc.


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I put this as a lead once too. Pointless now. Demo'ed
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