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Report - Excelsior Printing and Bookbinding, Manchester Nov 2011

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OK my first explore after nearly 2 weeks getting used to my first DSLR camera.
I can't find much history on this building unfortunately but went down on my own after Alley put the location in the Leads and rumours section (thanks) i thought, no time like the present ..... and off i went.

Looks like an Old Victorian Mill, typical of the area - Located on Hulme Hall rd Manchester and backs onto the River Irwell, The building has four floors, i only explored the some of the ground floor.

Reasonably easy access as long as your not a giant.

All shots are first time with no test shots as i realised i should of charged up my battery :banghead and i was a bit nervous :gay

First room


First room, open roof.


A corridor lfrom first room eading to an open space.


Open space


Broken window