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exeter abandoned

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Hello and welcome to 28DL, was nice to jump straight in with the where is there to explore, rather than a brief intro on yourself and what sort of derelict places you're interested in.

I'll fill some gaps - softhammerstudios, probably male, from Exeter, has at least a facebook and Flickr page to put their photos on, not done too much exploring as yet, but could be a college project? Favourite colour is blue, has not visited Poland, Luxenbourg or South Yemen, also takes landscape photos and favourite food is fish.

There is a search box top right where you may find some local sites, barring that get out and have a look around :D


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Yep loads around here, but as we don't know a thing about you, the only way your likely to find out is via the search box as the lone ranger has said...

You'll get the hang of things on here, diving straight in is not the best start!


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28DL Full Member
Hi everyone I'm off to Exeter today and want to find a couple of abandoned buildings does anyone have any spots for me


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