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Report - Expert Development Ltd/ Northampton/ January 2014

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Hello all, it is the Lone Shadow here.

Recently I’ve had a very busy life and not really had the chance to do any exploring at all, especially with my second child due in 8 weeks time. Time is very limited for me at the moment. It just so happens that I had a couple of hours to kill on Saturday and this place is a few miles away from me. So I grabbed my camera and off I went. Having already been and scoped out this place before, I already knew the entry points.

I visited the site with other members Dogtown and Unplugged. Considering the site was victim to a fire, it is still in pretty good condition. It is dark, damp and mostly empty with piles of pigeon poop everywhere you step, but many windows and doors are still intact and haven’t even been smashed yet, many phones are still plugged in and on desks that still have paperwork on them. There was evidence of squatters and heroin addicts having been in there, with drug needles and burnt tins and spoons strewn all across the top offices floors – typical Northampton.

As we neared the end of the explore we left through the main door and we were surrounded by the police who were in a relatively hostile mood. As it had got darker somebody had raised the alarm after seeing the camera flashes through the windows. At this point we were inside a hoarded off courtyard and the police ordered us to climb over the fence so they could interrogate us. All 3 of us refused to do this repeatedly. In the end the police met us just outside our entry point. They continued to ask us questions – None of them had ever heard of urbexing before. After a brief look at our equipment and photos along with an explanation of love for decay they let us go with nothing more than a stop and search – They even tipped us off about another site near a few miles down the road.

Just wanted to say thanks to Unplugged and Dogtown, it was nice to meet you guys and great to explore with you.

Expert Developments Ltd is a company formed in 1991 that specialises in engineering services and plating process for the metal finishing business. Part of their business involves manufacturing original concept machinery and equipment aswell as installing them in other factories. They also refurbish and re-fit older machinery bringing them up to modern day standards and enhancing their capabilities. Their ever changing technology took them into diverse fields such as telecommunications, civil/military aviation, petro-chemical, and automotive applications. They also manufacture an extensive range of equipment in uPVC, Polypropylene, ABS, and Glass Reinforced Plastic, anything that can be made in metal they can make in plastic materials.
Equipment used is described as: Selective Spot/Slot Stripe and Wipe Techniques or Masking and immersion cells. From individual piece parts, cut strips or continuous stamped/ribbon material. The range of highly selective plating equipment can be adapted to suit individual customer’s requirements, whether it is for Gold, Silver, or Palladium Nickel. The normal metals Copper, Nickel, Tin and Tin-Lead are also catered for.
In its hey-day it employed 20-30 people and then on 25th April 2011 there was an enormous chemical fire that made the building dangerous to continue trading in with various chemicals being stored and used at the time including cyanide.
The company still exists, albeit on a far smaller scale, but this building has stood empty ever since.

Now for the pictures.


















Thankyou for taking the time to view my report,

I hope you all liked.

The Lone Shadow.