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Explhorrors Tourists in London next week !

Son Pote

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28DL Full Member
Hello there !
We are 2 frenchies from south of france coming next week to the Portal Festival in London ( experimental rock ).
We arrive the 15th of june around 5-6pm and we stay at Kentish Town.
The festival takes place the saturday and sunday night, meaning we can drink/explore ( this is the point
:-) ) some places with some of you friday night, saturtay morning/afternoon, sunday/afternoon and monday morning.
We're leaving Monday afternoon...
By the way, we are Michel et son Pote Xplorateurs de l'Occulte and we love exploring and BEERS
:-D !
Would someone here want to share some fun (drink) and visit something cool with us ?
Long life U all !


Nice fat line of Zone
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What genre of stuff would you prefer to explore in general? Let us know and someone should point you in the right direction

Son Pote

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28DL Full Member
Hi Olkka,

Thanks for answering :-)
We love spooky places like old mansions, sanatoriums and other stuffs fed with creepy stories, decay and remains...

My English is shitty but I believe that most are searching for this kind.

Anyway, It would be nice to shoot a video with a local crew\guy as a featuring.

We (gently) joke about the subjects ghost hunters\urbexers and we take all very eaaaaaaaaasy.
Here's an example :

we got a facebook page :

There, you'll find what we're into.

First of all, we want to share some good time/beerS with new crazy faces :-) !

Thanks again.

PS : I got the trip to London as a birthday gift... My first time.. That's why I didn't have time to prepare anything and I'm here to ask you :-)


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I'm out of the country for the next week otherwise I'm always up for a beer. I Can't point you personally towards any haunted places as I'm a firm non-believer in the supernatural. But keep browsing here

Son Pote

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28DL Full Member
Haha ^^ we are joking about paranormal believers more than being ghost hunters... But we love spooky places. We're more kind of beers hunters in fact :-D
We are in London from tomorrow 7pm till monday 4pm.
I've been told bars closing at 11pm... Meaning we NEEED a survey solution :-D
Would be best exploring with local ( alcohol / people )
I repeat myself... sorry.

Thanks Olkka for trying to help :-)


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No worries, there are definitely bars open later than that but classic pubs tend to close at 11. Try typing in Harperbury to the search box here for a local abandoned hospital. I don't know any old houses or anything

Son Pote

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28DL Full Member
Harperbury is a waste of time now
Thx mrwhite :-)
We will avoid Harperbury unless we dont find else...
Any favorite rock'n roll place to drink / meet some cool people we can loose on exploration ? Something opened late...
Thx again sir Olkka

It's cool you answer me guys :-)

Son Pote

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28DL Full Member
The Black Heart in Camden and Crowbar just off Tottenham Court Road are both good late night bars.
HOoooow Yeaah !
One of both is going to make our night !
Thx Adders !
If some of you guys is around tonight we'll share some drinks on mine !
( need to practice my english ^^ )