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Exploring Partner Needed (Manchester)


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28DL Member
I may be new to this page but I’m not new to Urban Exploring.
Just lost my exploring partner to sunny Spain & other friends just ain’t interested.
So I need new urbexing friends.
Im 32 from South Manchester & enjoy mostly exploring subterranean stuff.
I’m not in to exploring for likes & follows, not am I a photographer. I’m in it for the fun, history, fitness, excitement & everything else that comes with it.
Please get it touch if you wana meet up. You can have no exploring experience at all. That’s cool with me. Just need a partner or few.


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Regular User
Why not get some reports up? That will break the ice and help you to hook up with people.


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28DL Member
hi 36chambers,

i'm in the manchester area and am looking for a fellow urbexer, haven't much experience with subterranean stuff to be honest and mostly explored in berlin, detroit, colombia and more recently eastern europe. i really need to post 'reports' of these.

i'm in manchester and if you or anyone else reading it wants to go urbex (prefer above ground tbh) message me!



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28DL Member

I've done bits of urbex around Europe also (mostly East Germany and Lisbon). I recently moved to Manchester and I'm also looking for someone to go urbexing with.

I'm 21 and don't have a great deal of area knowledge, but I'd love to get involved if you're interested.

Let me know!


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28DL Full Member
I'm in Lancaster but happy to travel when I can. I am new to it but have explored a few.
I am here to find more like minded people.


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28DL Full Member
I’m in Manchester too, a few of us go out together if you fancy coming with drop me a message.

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