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Report - Exploring The Tube Part 2 - Lords/Malborough Road/Swiss Cottage


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Lords, Marlborough Road and Swiss Cottage are all abandoned cut and cover stations on the Metropolitan Line. They sit between Baker Street and Finchley Road and were abandoned because St Johns Wood and Swiss Cottage on the Bakerloo Line (which eventually became the northern part of the Jubilee Line) replaced them and in bypassing them on the Met line, the travel times of the Met were shortened.

Opened in 1868 as St Johns Wood Road Station. Renamed St Johns Wood in 1925. Renamed Lords in 1939 before closing 5 months later.

This station was a doddle to access, one reccie and one attempt with Zero was thwarted when we got chased by track workers. I later, successfully took Dsankt and Snappel back and we had a look around. Not much remains, only the vaulted supports, sections of the eastbound platform and an emergency exit staircase.

Underground Railroad Owners:

Cowering off to the Side:

Straight ahead:

Tunnels Between Lords and Marlborough Rd:



Like Lords, it was canned after the St Johns Wood station opened on the Bakerloo-soon to be-Jubilee Line.
The station building became a Chinese restaurant and the platform roof, a glass affair was removed, leaving a rather uninteresting open aired affair of removed platforms and random nooks and crannies.

After doing Lords, i went back alone and walked the tunnels from Lords to Swiss Cottage, through Marlborough Road, a 2km or so jaunt. As such, Marlborough Road proved about as interesting as an open section with a stub of a platform :(:


Closed in 1940 as it wasnt feasible, nor was there any good reason to connect it to the deep level Swiss Cottage platforms, given they served the same area in the same directions.

On my trek along the deserted late night tunnels of the Met, Swiss Cottage was my last stop... well, beyond walking almost to Finchley Rd lol. It has one reasonably substantial platform, a few nooks and crannies and an emergency exit. Being there at night, i missed seeing it illuminated by the huge vent grilles that come up on Finchley Road.

Eastbound platform:

Looking west (north):

Pretending to take a shit in the tunnels between Swiss Cottage and Finchley Road :p
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