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Report - Exploring the UK coal industry 2006 - 2016


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The miners did not outprice themselves the government introduced carbon tax on coal effectively doubling the price most coal fired power stations are now closed or burn biomass fuels like Drax https://www.drax.com/about-us/


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That didnt make any difference to the price of coal. Just burning the coal. The miners 100% priced themselves out of a job.


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To be honest I believe the outcome would have been similar with or without the strike. If the strike had not have happened the NCB would have introduced their scheme of closing pits on grounds of economy and as foreign imports increasingly made the whole home industry uneconomic the result would have been similar.

The way the regions who relied on the industry were just abandoned without assistance for recovery was the biggest crime in my opinion.


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Brings back a lot of memories,27 years down the pit,Western Area,lived through the strike,Thatcher shut the pits,McGregor fought the strike,bought out nacods with lies,I was lucky moved to the health service never lost a day’s work 15 to 62 years old ,71 now ,well done dweeb.


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I just had to re-register after many years away from urban exploration, I was active during the early 2000s, maybe up to as late as 2010. Main interest was railways / industry, recently I have been following the final destruction of the power generation / mining / railway industry.

The reason for re-registering (cannot remember what my original username was) was to say a big thanks to dweeb for such excellent photos. Amazing how an industry can be completely wiped from a countries' economy in a few short years.

The Doncaster side of my family was involved with sinking the shafts at Yorkshire Main (Edlington) & Rossington collieries, my direct family worked within the steel industry in Sheffield.


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I really enjoyed reading that and seeing your various visits. So wished I had gone more of them. So many things I wished I had gone too. But I do love the old collieries with mining in the family. With my grandfather working the mines and going back several generations.
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