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Right.... listen I am a explorer and I have experienced paranormal experiences ... i will go to places that I am allowed to... unlike you saying that you went to box and in the end you got it shut because you are nothing but a cunt and want to ruin it for everyone else... especially the explorers who are trained and are allowed to... most of 28days don't like you... you do nothing but trash the good name of explorers.... I hope you like my message... I think I say what most explorers are thinking


Rum Swigger
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So is he a fighter or a snowflake?
It’s all part of the act....

Makes out he’s being bullied and it’s making him suicidal......gets more sympathy off his followers and then he has more ammo to throw at the big scary men at 28,AditNow,cave rescue or any other site/organisation that points out what a mong he is

I feel all your need to do to defeat him in an MMA fight is to call him a fat cunt.......he’d just go all puppy dog eyed and sit down in the corner for a cry wank


Exploring with Bob
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Is Dan a fighter…

Skip to 3:38 – Dan’s expression says, "What the fuck have I done, why oh why am I here". This is before the fight starts. This is where he lost.

The action starts at 4:30 and Dan lands the weakest front kick to his opponents’ thigh. From there he attempts a shite round house to the leg – gets trapped and receives a few punches to his face, which is enough to topple him to the floor where his opponent quickly gets side control. Dan flails around like a beached whale. Other dudes flip over to take side control from the other side. Dan briefly has an opportunity to take mount and thoroughly fucks it up, finding himself on his back again quicker than his little brain has time to compute. Dan returns to flopping around like a particularly fat fish out of water, while his opponent takes mount and makes an attempt at an arm bar. Dan stands up and gets out the attempt, but it was never really on so he was always going to. Dan stands and tries to distract his opponent by jiggling his belly, an unorthodox move that doesn't pay off. Dan attempts another roundhouse to his opponent’s thigh, which is shin blocked. Dan launches a right that completely misses and puts him off balance, enabling his opponent to get him in a clinch, which he follows up with a knee to the head, knocking Dan out and ending the fight... one minute and six seconds after it started. One minute. Six seconds. There are men suffering with impotency that last longer.

Dan’s performance; there was absolutely nothing about the fight, remotely suggesting that Dan is or ever was a fighter. His kicks were telegraphed, weak and barely high enough to get past his opponents’ knee. His ground game was non-existent. Cheap hookers put up more resistance to being on their backs and the only time Dan threw a punch it was off target and put him so far off balance he was knocked out soon after as a result.

Dan’s claim to have found Excalibur in a mine is more convincing than his claim to be a fighter.

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