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Report - External reccie of the naughty boys home 3/1/19


A Predisposed Tourist
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To be fair mate,if id scouted something out i would keep it to myself until id got in,cant see the point of advertising where you are going ,get in then post pics,if you cant take a little critisism then you are probably on the wrong forum..it's advice not people being fucktards or dicks,i have recce pics form a lovely location id be buggered if i would post as that would alert every other fucker its on my list and doable with some work

Choo Choo m8ty

Mr Reality Hacker
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Gorgeous pics them. Those bricks look awesome. Loving the texture and the time taken to carve the names. This truly is an epic post and admins need to place it in noteworthy posts straight away. It's well pictured and a stunning location. FFS only decent pic is external of building that looks interesting. I'm damn sure this should be lead or rumours crap not an actual report. Bloody crazy... Sorry dude but you must have browsed site first before posting and this is what you thought was OK. If it was not for the comments I would say it should be deleted full stop.


"Landie" or Harry
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He is on ignore I tend to block fucktards I come across
Fucktards? Most of us don’t post stuff up as an explore if we didn’t actually explore it, it goes up as a lead or rumour Reece.

Bikin Glynn

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Hilarious post!
Nothing strictly wrong with the post but to snap back at Mook for a very honest reply is not gonna get u anywhere!... please add me to your blocked list lol