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Report - External reccie of the naughty boys home 3/1/19


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Im sure hes off bustin epics or at least walking round the outside of them


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Yeah man bring it back. I remember one of my first threads dropped into the pit back in 2009. I survived. I’m still here. It made me want to try harder.

There was a time when we were all savages. I call it the “good old days” ha.

Although I will add, we will re-instate some sort of FAQ's before we do (if we do) I don't want it to be a flame fest and scare people off, we've spent the last few years doing just the opposite

Like the old saying goes what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, worked for you, me and many others back in the day..

Just somewhere to spot light some absolute fail and the odd snowflake as @Wevsky alludes to


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I know I'm frequently a c*nt, but fetid pit is pretty harsh! Could it be the "Not worthy of 28, take it to DP, they'll love it bin"?


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when my first report got sent to the bin i felt like a right bellend but posted better reports as a result (they're gone now though)

didn't people used to post stuff straight to the bin in a sort of 'was a rubbish explore but someone might think its interesting' way?


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Blimey, I was wondering why this kept popping up in "What's New" constantly, now I see, rather enjoyed reading all 4 pages :thumb