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Report - Eyebrook Reservoir Overflow/Drainoff (night visit) - May 2015

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Been a few months since i have posted a report up and have seen a few reports on this place, yes it has my name watermark on the pics but it was one i wasn't intending on posting up originally and i cant be asked to go through load all pics up just to change the watermark but most will know me anyway :D Its a huge old pipeline of a drain off and pretty interesting to mooch around. Visited with a non member back in the beginning of May and while taking of the pics me and the camera nearly went for a swim and my mate had to rescue me was a proper twitchy bum moment :turd lol. Out of all the reservoirs i have been to the overflow on this one is pretty unique in its own way. On to a bit of history used from The Wombats report :p

The reservoir was formed by the damming of the Eyebrook. It was built between 1937 and 1940 by Stewarts & Lloyds) to supply water to their Corby steel works, now part of Tata Steel, formerly Corus. During the Second World War it was used in May 1943 as a practice site for the Dambuster raids, standing in for the Möhne Reservoir; a plaque commemorates this.











Thanks for looking :thumb


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Pic #10 gives an interesting effect as you scroll past it, almost as if you are zooming it.