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Report - Fairground Attraction - July 2011.


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Fairground Attraction

So it's been over 2 months since I went draining properly, I was at a loose end and decided to tick this one off the never ending list of shizzle

First discovered by R1 in 2009, this place doesn't disappoint, with it's continual change in shape, size and composition, the place is a little belter!

There are one or two stoopy bits along the way, a large inspection chamber, an oldskool storm overflow chamber complete with cobbled floor and a junction where 2 sewer overflows intersect

One small section requires some real effort and a spine of steel, but well worth the hassle to see it all

Despite hearing that it was only a short drain (It wasn't), I persevered only to find an eventual shrinker, somewhere underneath and beyond the bus depot

The return of solo draining...




The first section was fairly stoopy and more like a scrap heap challenge with the amount of junk that had washed up

You could practically build a car with the stuff strewn about in here :rolleyes:


After what seemed like an age, the tunnel shrunk to around 1.5M at this point


I persevered upstream through another stoopy brick pipe, before it opened up to a much newer section of RCP

Although fairly boring, it did provide an adequate stretch for my back


It soon gave way to a stone section of tunnel, complete with cobbled floor


In the distance I could see a shaft of light, eventually approaching a large inspection chamber, the manhole had been pikey'd


After another quick back stretch, I continued on upstream


The stonework continued in the next stretch for around 200M before shrinking to under 1M, I had to practically crawl through this bit - NSFW


I really do hate stooping, I'm getting far too old for this shit, BUT had I given up now I would have missed some real interesting features which lay ahead

First up, this old overflow section, with disused sluice gate


Squeezing through the other side led into this oldskool storm overflow chamber, which had some modern additions, to allow inspection


Ahead a 2.5M pill shaped tunnel presented itself, I could hear what sounded like a weir in the distance

A short distance later was indeed a small weir


Looking back down from the other side


I climbed up and continued on, now bent double in a smaller 5ft RBP, the drain had now decided to shrink again :banghead


This section was fairly long and boring, eventually changing into a much more interesting mix of brick & stone in the form of this egg shaped tunnel


A few hundred yards up, I got a whiff of fresh, smells like sewer to me

..Sure enough 2 egg shaped sewer overflows intersected the main tunnel


A quick mooch up led to a 350mm pipe, behind which the sewer was inaccesible

I doubled back and carried on upstream, I could now here traffic thundering above

I only passed one manhole shaft, which was a good 25ft to the surface

Eventually the egg shaped tunnel became a shrinker, to a point where I had gone as far as possible without now having to crawl the remainder

Time to head back out

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