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Report - Farleigh Down Tunnel. March - 2014


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28DL Full Member
After the recent disappointing news that the entrance to the tunnel had been blocked, the last readily accessible part of the wartime ammo store seemed about to be lost. So as I was close by the other day I went to see how inaccessible this is now. I was pleasantly surprised. Who would have thought that the recent strong winds would do us all a favour.:confused :laugh:

Fearing access may be blocked again pretty soon, I went home to see if there were any takers for what might be a last family visit. Then back to the sidings with two grandsons and a girlfriend. Not mine though. :sad

As it was getting late and one of us had school the next day there not much time for photos, but we did make it to the end.

So just a few shots.








Thanks for looking.:)​


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Regular User
I thought access was well and truly bricked up the other week.. Has it been knocked down ?

Nice shots btw


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Wasn't bricked up. The iron doors were re-hung and welded shut with plates. Was never going to stay sealed for long.


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28DL Full Member
Many thanks for your comments everyone.I hope this place continues to be accessible.
The hole at the end goes back a couple of feet and then has a bend so not easy to see around. But there is a draught coming through.

Could Restore, or whoever it is occupying the main mine area, be expanding down there? This air shaft which used to be covered with large stones and vegetation now has a recent concrete top and is venting with some pressure. It is behind the stone barn in the small copse somewhere over the northern end of District 19.



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28DL Full Member
I've always wanted to see 19 and 20, but it looks as though 19 may be lost now then. :mad


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28DL Full Member
Shot4 is lovely........hole at the end looks big enough to squeeze through,what could you see through hole ? Last time I was at the end the hole was about the size of a 50p ;)
I wouldn't bother unless you are *small*, went down there mid last year and it looked pretty dodgy (broken concrete and bits of rebar sticking out etc) so we decided to leave it and move on!

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