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Report - Farm housing, Isle of Axholme, Lincolnshire Dec 15


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Forgive me OT for I have sinned,
It has been far too long(due to illness and injury) since my last urbex. So I have re-popped my cherry and consider myself no longer to be an urbex virgin :)

Young lad called James popped a couple of pics on the facebook page, and as I live locally I thought I would ease myself back in with this entry level wander around a couple of old farm houses.

No access to this one I spotted on the road in - the farmer was stood behind me in his yard 'ear wha you doin?

well I aint buying anything in here Mate!

target house one - abandoned 30 + years ago was two labourers cottages. Garden is a touch overgrown

this was the only personal items in either of them.

outhouse has seen better days

the cottage next door was just as empty


The main farmhouse - was just as empty but you could tell that it was a grander house in its day

the flooring in the hallway is beautiful

security needs a bit of work

hallway decor

Living room 1

Living room 2/dining room




Not much to write about on the upstairs - but I plan to revisit (forgot my tripod) sometime

thanks for looking by