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Report - Farmhouse Queen - Netherlands - February 2020


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The history or just information of this place is very scarce on the internet. But while exploring we found a couple of clues referring to the past of what happend. The first one was a ID of a man. The man was born in 1921, so what we could assume is that he isn't around anymore. After this person died the stuff was never cleared by a family member, nor was it stolen or vandalized and with that this unique time capsule occurred.

Entering this location felt very unique and somewhat weird. This was because places like these are extremely rare in holland and what also was unique was just how intact everything was. It was truly one of the coolest time capsules I've ever set foot in.

The Kitchen by ForgottenBuildings, on Flickr

Traditional Cans by ForgottenBuildings, on Flickr

Livingroom by ForgottenBuildings, on Flickr

God Save The Queen by ForgottenBuildings, on Flickr

Broken by ForgottenBuildings, on Flickr

I also made a video of were I'll go more in-depth into the story of this place:

Thanks for reading and watching!