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Report - Farringdon House - East Grinstead - Febuary 2018


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Farringdon House
Ever since I started exploring I've been dying to see an office block, I knew from Gromrs report that this would be somewhat intrest lacking, and although that was true in the end, it was still nice to see the skeletal remains of this site. Still on the lookout for a proper office block though.
Brief history
Built in the 70's after the factory previously occupying the land caught fire and burnt down. This 4 Storied building Housed various businesses varying from call centres to accountants over the years, until the offices were finally vacated during 2004. Seeing the extent that this building was stripped to, it was probably left due to a mixture of asbestos and bankruptcy.
Supposedly being turned into housing, close to the station it would be perfect, however with applications going back and fourth for over 10 years it isn't looking probable.

please ignore the photographic noise, im still leaning with photographgy in low light ;)

Thanks for looking :thumb

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